It’s time to build your Legacy!

Every day I’m asked how I scaled from flipping houses to owning 2,000+ apartments in the past 42 months, and if I offer any sort of coaching or mentoring to teach others on how to do the same thing.

So I put together a coaching program that simplifies & teaches you A-to-Z of apartment investing. I’ve opened up my entire play book on how I’ve built my business, so you can buy buildings on your own, or we can JOINT VENTURE on deals together!

Check out what you can expect

I’ve only been hosting quarterly events since August 2017, and in just that short period of time, my students have acquired hundreds of units! This stuff is way simpler than you think!

Whether you’re an active operator or a passive investor, you should plug into my next event. I’d love to find a way to build that LEGACY together!

Let’s make this year your best year yet!