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Building Legacy Through Self-Storage Real Estate Investments

Legacy Developers is a leading commercial real estate development company headquartered in Haddonfield, New Jersey. We help investors enter into the growing and high-potential market of self-storage real estate.

What We Do

Legacy Developers started 15 years ago as a fix & flip business and has since grown exponentially. Legacy is actively engaged in self-storage developments in markets along the East Coast.


Self-storage is a real estate investment space like no other, offering unique opportunities without much of the hassle of residential.


Through our private lending program you can start earning passive income with a predictable return, plus equity upside.

Guided Investment

It Truly Is No-Hassle

Passive Income Investments

If you have ever wanted passive income without having to deal with tenants or repairs, then investing in self-storage units may be right for you. Legacy has access to over 50 locations across the country where we can help facilitate your investment into these properties so that you can start seeing returns on your investment as quickly as possible. You will never find another opportunity like this again!

A Growing Need

An Expanding Industry

Self-Storage Is on the Rise

The self-storage industry is predicted to nearly double in the next 4 years. Now is the time to get in and take advantage of this unique market. Unlike other areas of real estate, self-storage offers particular benefits without many of the hassles that come with apartment or housing investments. This makes it an ideal market for those looking for passive and steady income. When you invest with Legacy, we help you to see a return as quickly as possible.

A Truly Unique Market

Self-storage investing is unlike other types of real estate investing in that many of the typical problems simply don’t exist. Here are some of the advantages of self-storage investing:

Lower Risk Than Residential
High Return on Investment
Low Operational Expenses
Economic Resilience

If you are tired of all the same investment opportunities that don’t seem to pan out, let Legacy help you.

The self storage industry has been one of the best performing industries over recent years, with both returns on investment and compound annual growth rate projected to rise in coming decades. The high demand for real estate along with travel means that there willl be plenty more opportunities ahead! Self storage is always an essential part of any community. Whether it’s during economic downturns or when people are downsizing from their houses, they often turn to self-storage as a way for them adjust and live in smaller spaces with ease! Self storage is an excellent investment right now and should be for at least the next few years. If you want to make your real estate portfolio recession-proof, or just start investing in it during this time period, then self storage may provide a good solution.

Our Latest Project

An Excellent Opportunity

Garden State Storage

We invest in commercial assets nationwide by joint venturing with local operators and passive lenders. Pictured here is our latest development, Garden State Storage. Click the button below to see a video of the breakdown.

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Passive Income

Earn Stable Returns Through

Private Lending

If you have an interest in investing passively in real estate, and you don’t have the time or desire to deal with the hassles of managing rental properties, then we have an opportunity for you. We regularly partner with private lenders. Whether you have cash in a bank account, a retirement account, or other investments, we can assist you to make a more stable investment with predictable returns through real estate.
Invest With Legacy

Excellent Returns

We Do the Work

Invest With Legacy

Working with us, you earn a return that is backed by prime real estate. Similar to conventional banks, your investment is secured with a mortgage, promissory note, and the homeowner insurance policy. All of our properties are purchased at a discount, leaving a large equity cushion and additional safety for our lenders. We typically lease our properties, and the rental income covers all expenses and our mortgage payments to you.

Take Control of Your Income

The combination of a large equity cushion, proper documentation, and positive cash flow is what makes our real estate projects such a secure investment. We offer you a terrific way to grow wealth, prepare for retirement, and produce a passive residual income.