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Are you a real estate investor eager to explore the lucrative realm of self-storage development but seeking guidance on where to start? Look no further – our Legacy Partners program is the bridge that guarantees a seamless transition.

As a General Partner in our storage facility projects, you can harness your real estate acumen while entrusting us with the construction process. Your primary focus will be on design and financing, and we're committed to offering you the indispensable resources required for success. From valuable partnerships to the expertise of architects and engineers, we are steadfast in supporting your journey at every turn.

Collaborate with us, and together, we'll spearhead a revolution in the storage industry, ensuring your foray into self-storage development is not only effortless but also highly prosperous. Your journey begins with Legacy Partners.


Introducing the Legacy Income Fund – a premier investment opportunity for those seeking a consistent source of passive income on a monthly basis. Designed with your financial needs in mind, our fund offers a short redemption period, providing you with the flexibility to access your capital whenever necessary.

What truly distinguishes the Legacy Income Fund is its commitment to diversification. Your investment will be strategically distributed across a portfolio of various self-storage ventures, ensuring that your financial legacy is built on a solid foundation of stability and growth.

With the Legacy Income Fund, you can secure monthly income while preserving and growing your wealth, leaving a lasting financial legacy for generations to come.


Becoming a Limited Partner with Legacy Developers in our syndicated self-storage facility projects opens the door to a world of financial opportunities. As an LP, you'll enjoy the benefits of cash flow, equity ownership, and valuable tax advantages.

Our diverse portfolio includes projects that may be sold for maximum IRR, as well as those held indefinitely for sustained growth. Through strategic refinancing, investors have the potential to recoup their initial capital investment while retaining ownership equity, creating a genuine legacy for themselves and future generations.

Join us as a Limited Partner, and let's embark on a journey of financial prosperity and lasting impact in the dynamic world of self-storage development. Your legacy starts here.

How Legacy Investments works for you



With streamlined investing workflows and a wide range of rigorously vetted CRE investments, you can reach a higher level of diversification. Diversify across property types, return profiles, and markets across the U.S.


Lets you take a break from the stock market.

Historically, private real estate has not been directly correlated with the stock market, which may mitigate your exposure to market volatility and may improve portfolio stability.



Legacy Investments Team works with you to tailor your real estate portfolio to your objectives. We work to pursue the best outcome for your investments.


Legacy Investments provides accredited investors access to exclusive self storage real estate investments. Enjoy industry leading returns while maintaining lower risk and increased diversification.

Legacy Investments Core Values & Mission

Our values and mission form the foundation of everything we do.



Our mission at Legacy Developers is to deliver exceptional value to our investors by prioritizing both returns and safety. We are dedicated to achieving this mission through the strategic development of Class A self-storage facilities.

We commit ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, ensuring that every project we undertake not only meets but exceeds industry benchmarks for quality and security. By consistently delivering superior results, we empower our investors to maximize their returns while resting assured that their investments are safeguarded. At Legacy Developers, our mission is to elevate the self-storage industry, creating a legacy of financial success and peace of mind for our valued partners.


Core Values

Best Assets, Best Return, Highest Safety:

At Legacy Developers, our first and foremost commitment is to deliver the best assets in the self-storage industry, ensuring our investors receive the highest returns while maintaining the utmost safety. We relentlessly pursue excellence in every project, placing the security and prosperity of our partners at the forefront of our endeavors.


Innovation is the driving force behind our success. We continuously seek new and creative ways to enhance our self-storage developments, optimize investment strategies, and stay at the forefront of the industry. Our dedication to innovation ensures that we remain leaders in the ever-evolving world of self-storage investing.


At Legacy Developers, we firmly believe that success is best achieved when it benefits all parties involved. We foster a culture of collaboration and mutual growth, where every partnership is a "win-win" scenario. Our commitment to creating mutually beneficial relationships extends to our investors, partners, and the communities we serve, promoting sustainable success for everyone involved.


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